this au needs to stop haunting me i s2g


Never ask your father to give you a lift when your car gets broken

Especially not when this father is David

Also story about Jehoahaz Abraham family holidays where?


A wonderous fuck-ton of human hand references.

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"I need a puppet…"

Yapoos  - Dadada ism   (225 plays)



Artist: Yapoos

Album: Dadada ism

I swallowed hydrochloric acid, even cut my jugular vein
but I didn’t die, no, I didn’t die

The moonlight shines so bright it’s dazzling

I leapt from the 5th floor, ignored all the traffic lights
and yet I didn’t die, no, I didn’t die

The moon at night is crystal clear, sparkles the color of water

And then, suddenly, I fell in love, like in a dream
Our love for one another was intense, and I was happy
But before long I was alone once again, staring up at the sky
and I could see the moon shining as though it were my life

I’m broken-hearted and in utter despair
but I’m not going to die, no, I’m not going to die

The moonlight shines so bright it’s dazzling

Since then, I’ve worked a lot more, like in a dream
The effort I’ve put in has been intense, and I’ve made a lot of money
And even if, before long, I lose it, well, everyone’s lost something

The moon’s precious light shines as though it were my life

credit: Alex Fyffe


sweater day everyday


Ohtaka’s Backstage vol.175:

"Whenever I’m drawing the metal vessel users, I think about things like ‘which one of them I’d want to follow, if it were just me.

Following Alibaba or Kouha doesn’t sound bad.”

If you pay attention to behind Alibaba and Hakuryuu, you’ll find the outlines of the other metal vessel users. I marked each one with their name. Some readers in the Japanese fandom think that the black circles on the faces of Sinbad, Kougyoku, Kouha and Hakuei could indicate that they either will fall into depravity or die. There are also white rukhs coming out of Koumei, Kouen and Muu. Another drawing of Ohtaka also had circles like those, but they were on Judar’s face, not Hakuei’s, so I wonder if we should read too much into them.

Back to this picture. Ohtaka seems to have drawn the future version of the king vessels and drew both Hakuryuu and Kouen as emperors, I hope it doesn’t hint that either Hakuryuu or Kouen will have to die in order for the other to ascend the throne


o yea, i drew judal in luke fon fabre’s clothes because they’re both crop top boys



ok so Sal is trash, but he’s also the ambassador of the lil’ creepy princess and

it’s kinda cute? in a sick way?

or maybe I just desperately need any redeemable qualities for Sal.

(yeh I’m still sketching quick stuff, bear with me)

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I’m so happy you’re into wadanohare. Bless